Space Survivor MOD APK v2.0.12 (Unlimited Money)

Download Space Survivor Mod Apk to defend your spaceship and survive against evil creatures to experience the ultimate horror survival experience!

App NameSpace Survivor Apk
PublisheriStar Technology Investment Co Ltd
Size102 MB
Last UpdateSeptember 27, 2023
Requires Android6.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Introduce Space Survivor MOD APK

Space Survivor MOD APK offers players an exciting gaming experience, putting them in control of a futuristic spaceship on a thrilling journey to explore uncharted planets. However, as the excitement builds, a dark shadow falls over the ship, causing the once reliable system to malfunction. Suddenly, dangerous monsters appear from the shadows, creating trouble and risking the crew’s lives. To restore their ship’s former glory, players must act fast.

Space Survivor mod

While some ships can automatically repair damage, our players’ ship must switch to unmanned mode in order to face off against these terrifying monsters. Equipped with powerful weapons, players engage in intense battles, but they must also be strategic and know when to step back and refocus against powerful opponents. This game not only highlights the importance of survival but also encourages players to fearlessly face the challenges that exist.

Download Space Survivor Mod – Survive in a Horror Spaceship


Experience a thrilling adventure in Space Survivor Mod Unlimited Money, an action-packed game that takes you on a journey through a spaceship filled with monsters. In order to defend the ship and fight the unstoppable enemy, you must secure the doors and build a strong defense system. Using unlimited gold, you can construct and upgrade powerful weapons to fight the terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows.

Space Survivor mod free

The game challenges you to fight until darkness disappears, testing your survival skills against all challenges. By purchasing upgrades, you can strengthen your defences, upgrade your weapons, and increase your chances of survival. Space Survivor Mod lets you upgrade your weapons in your room. Also, you can repair damaged doors when powerful monsters attack, adding another layer of strategy.

Space Survivor Unlimited Money keeps you on the edge of your seat as you plan your every move against the monstrous enemies. Take part in this exciting adventure and prove your skills as you navigate through the darkness and emerge victorious.

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Survival Challenges

Space Survivor offers a thrilling survival experience where players are in constant trouble, relying on their resourcefulness and skills to stay alive. Be ready to navigate a world with limited food, water, and weapons supplies while facing various dangers like airlocks, traps, and dangerous monsters. 

In this situation, survival requires keen awareness of your surroundings and avoiding hazards. The game also introduces an AI monster that adapts its strategies based on your actions. You must make tough decisions regarding resource management, navigation, and outsmarting the AI monster through this combination of mechanics.

Space Survivor mod download

Strategic Defense Building

In Space Survivor, the Strategic Defense Building feature is a versatile feature that helps players to fight AI monsters with more accuracy. By allowing players to create an array of defensive structures like walls, turrets, and traps, it forms the backbone of their survival strategy. These structures serve multiple purposes, from establishing chokepoints to obstructing specific areas and inflicting damage on the nearby monsters. 

However, the feature’s true strength lies in its complexity. In the game, players can create complex defense systems, like turrets with motion sensors, which automatically target and fire at monsters as soon as they trigger them. With this adaptability, players can customize their defenses based on their playstyle and spaceship layout. By building walls to block monsters, towers to slow their progress, or traps to harm and stop them, players can outwit and outlast AI monsters in space, ensuring their survival.

Unique Monsters

Monsters in Space Survivor have unique abilities and behaviors. The most common monster is the Alien Monster. It is a powerful beast with sharp teeth and claws that adapts its tactics according to the player’s behavior. The Parasite Monster is small and agile. It can drain health and attach itself to the player, making it difficult to remove. Other less common but more dangerous monsters include the Necromorph Monster, a reanimated corpse, and the Hive Mind, a powerful psychic entity that controls other creatures’ minds.

Customize Character

You can change your character’s gender, facial features, hairstyle, clothes, and skills in Space Survivor game. This allows you to play as a character that fits your playstyle. For example, a stealthy character can have skills that let them move silently and avoid enemies. You can select male or female characters and adjust their facial features like eye color, hair color, and skin color. You can also choose hairstyles, clothes, and adjust movement, fighting, and hacking skills.

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