BGMI Livik Map Tips And Tricks To Score Chicken Dinner

The Livik map in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is exciting and full of action, making it a thrilling place for players to battle. But to win a chicken dinner on this map, you need a mix of skill, strategy, and understanding of its unique features. In this guide, we’ll give you essential tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning and enjoying a delicious chicken dinner.

What is Livik in BGMI?

Get ready to explore Livik, the newest map in BGMI! It’s part of the exciting update v0.19.0. Unlike other maps, Livik is smaller, measuring just 2 kilometres by 2 kilometres. But don’t let its size fool you – it’s packed with thrilling action!

Livik’s small size means battles are intense, leaving little room to hide. But don’t worry; amazing treasures are waiting to be found all over the map. Each step you take might lead to some cool loot!

One of the coolest things about Livik is its unique terrain. It might confuse even experienced players! As you roam through its different landscapes, be prepared for exciting challenges as the map tricks your senses.

The best part is that a Livik match is super quick, lasting only 20 to 30 minutes with up to 52 players. Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure? Jump into the classic section and experience Livik’s thrill on this cool map!

Before you start your Livik journey, remember these essential tips below to conquer the map.

BGMI Livik Tips & Tricks

To get chicken dinner in Livik, you have to be quick and smart. But don’t worry! We will guide you to become a pro in this map. Just follow our tips and tricks below.

1. Avoid Landing on Power Plant, Gronhus & Midstein


These three places in Livik are the hot drops. Most players like to land in these areas. If you are new to BGMI, don’t think of landing on these places. Otherwise, you will be sent back to the lobby very quickly. Also, if you land alone, you should not land in these hot-drop places. Because if the enemy knocks you, then your teammate can’t revive you. So, always land with your teammates if you want to take the fight in these places. If you want to land alone, I suggest landing on Reeds, Waterfall, Estate, Stable, Rose Farm, Iceborg and Shipyard. These are the safest places in Livik to loot.

2. Don’t Always Finish the Enemy You Knocked

If you have knocked down an enemy, don’t make the mistake of changing your position to finish him off. Because as soon as you fire, the enemy will know your exact location, and they will wait for you to come out from cover. As Livik is a small map, you can be attacked by several squads at once. So, you have to be very careful always. And, whenever you knock an enemy, finish them off while in cover.

3. Don’t Always Loot Opponent

When it comes to the Livik map in your favorite battle royale game, a smart strategy is to resist the temptation to loot every opponent you take down. Instead, consider adopting a more cautious approach, staying undercover, and engaging your enemies from a safe distance. This is especially important on such a perilous map like Livik. By refraining from excessive looting, you avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself from other rival players.

In Livik, where danger lurks around every corner, it’s crucial to maintain a low profile and pick your battles wisely. Rather than rushing to collect loot from fallen foes, focus on positioning yourself strategically and seizing opportunities to eliminate enemies from afar. This way, you minimize the risk of being spotted and becoming a target for other players.

4. Avoid Using Vehicles

Vehicles in BGMI

Avoiding vehicles is usually a good idea, but there’s one special exception – the amazing Livik map’s monster truck! This big, powerful truck can change the game and help you survive because it has a lot of hit points and can go super fast.

The monster truck’s speed is fantastic, especially when you start playing the game. But be careful! It can be a bit hard to control, especially if you’re new to it. So, before you go on a wild ride, make sure to practice driving and be careful.

5. Secret Place to Get Loot

Get ready to explore a hidden wonder behind a huge waterfall! It’s like a secret hideout in the southeast corner, filled with lots of super crates waiting for brave players like you! Be on the lookout for special Super Crates that can give you a big advantage over other players. Not many people know about this secret place, so you’ll be one of the lucky few to discover its amazing surprises. This is the safest place in the Livik map to get loot.

6. Super Crates

If you want to quickly fulfill your requirements of guns, ammos and other stuff then try to open super crates. These crates contains coins, guns like M416 with upgrades and red dot, AKM with upgrades and red dot, M24 with upgrades and 6x scope, M249 with 2x scope. Best places to find these crates are Reeds, Old Plaza and Waterfall. You can find 4-6 crates in Reeds, 3-4 crates in Old plaza and 2-3 crates in Waterfall.

7. Keep Your Health Full at the End

In the exciting end of the game, the very last moments are super important because that’s when the toughest fights happen. To win, you need to be strong and full of energy to compete with your opponents. Use everything you have, like energy drinks, med kits, other and healing stuff, to get back all your health when you’re almost done with the game. Always remember, you can win by being brave and smart, even when things get really tough!

8. Use Smoke and Neds

Smoke and Ned play a vital role in this short map and especially at the end. If you are expert in cooking neds and using it then you can easily kill many enemies. Also you need a proper knowledge of using smokes. Smokes can help you loot enemy’s crate, escape from enemy’s target and fool your enemies. So, keep some smokes and neds in your bag when playing on the Livik map.

9. Best Time to Jump

Jump timing plays a vital role when you are landing on hot drops or places like Power Plant, Midstein and Gronhus. If your opponents land faster, you will be sent back to the lobby very quickly. Because if they land fast, they will get guns fast. So, it is crucial to know when to jump. The best time to jump is when you are only 350 metres away from your target location and try to land at the highest speed of 132/kmph. If you follow the tips, then you will land faster than your opponents.

10. Practice Close Range Fight

Livik is a very short map. So, most of the fights here will be close-range fights. You have to practice close-range shots to survive on this map. Otherwise, enemies will easily kill you. Use AKM or shotgun to knock down the enemy easily. You can also use UMP gun when taking fight from close range. And, always try to aim at the head.

11. Practice

If you are playing the Livik Map for the first time, It’s totally normal not to win right away. Remember, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Each attempt you make is a stepping stone towards mastering the map and improving your skills. Don’t be discouraged by initial setbacks; instead, view them as valuable learning opportunities. The more you play, the more you’ll understand the intricacies of the map and develop strategies to outshine your opponents. With dedication and better practice, you’ll inch closer to victory in the game, increasing your chances of getting a chicken dinner.


Mastering the livik Map in PUBG requires a strategic approach and sharp survival skills. Despite its smaller size and quicker pace, this map presents an even greater danger. Everywhere you turn, enemies lie in wait, eager to eliminate you from the match. The battles can be intense and unforgiving, so it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with these essential tips and tricks and implement them wisely during gameplay.

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