Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK (Unlimited Money) for ANDROID Latest Version 2023

Good news! You can now get Metal Slug Awakening Mod Apk for both Android and iOS. This version lets you have a blast with all the cool stuff, like unlimited money and gems, unlocked characters, and no annoying ads. Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this game and how to get it on your Android device without any hassles. Stick around till the end to get all the details.

Game Info

NameMetal Slug Awakening Mod APK
PublisherVNGGames International
Size1.3 GB
Last UpdateAugust 27, 2023
Get it OnGoogle Play
MODUnlimited Money

Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK Download

All About Metal Slug Awakening Mod Apk

Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK is an awesome action-packed shooting game brought to you by VNGGames International (with the blessing of SNK Corp). This game gives a nod to the classics while adding a cool modern twist.

In this game, you’ll dive into some serious run-and-gun action. Picture yourself in an open field, taking on lots of enemies. You’ve got your trusty weapons to blast them away.

And here’s the fun part – you won’t be stuck with just one boring weapon. Nope, there are plenty of cool weapons and vehicles waiting for you. Start with the basics, but as you make progress, you can level up your firepower to take on those super tough enemies.

But that’s not all. The game looks sharper than ever, with awesome graphics that make everything pop. This means you’ll have a crystal clear view of the battlefield, making it easy to outsmart your opponents. Get ready for some epic action!

What will You Get in Metal Slug Awakening Mod Apk Latest version 2023?

The Metal Slug Awakening APK Mod Latest version 2023 comes with a number of features that will give you an edge in the game. These features include:

  • Menu mod: This allows you to access a variety of cheats and hacks, such as unlimited health, ammo, and money.
  • Damage multiple: This increases the amount of damage you deal to enemies.
  • Defense multiple: This increases your defense, making you more difficult to kill.
  • Unlimited ammo: This means you never have to worry about running out of bullets.
  • Infinite skill: This allows you to use your skills as often as you want.

These features can make the game much easier, but they can also take away some of the challenge. If you are looking for a more challenging experience, you may want to avoid using the mod. However, if you are looking for a way to make the game more fun, the mod can be a great option.

Why Does Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK Stand Out?

Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK latest version

In the gaming world, everyone’s always looking for the next big thing. But guess what? Sometimes, the most awesome adventures come from the past. Metal Slug: Awakening, the latest member of the Metal Slug family, does something totally unique. It mixes the old with the new to create something mind-blowing.

Imagine playing an action-packed game where you move from side to side, shooting like a pro. Well, that’s what this game does, and it brings back the classic vibe of the legendary arcade game. But it doesn’t stop there; it adds some fantastic new stuff that makes it even more exciting.

Now, when you look at this Metal Slug Awakening Mod Apk unlimited money game, you’ll see something amazing. It’s like a blend of old-school awesomeness and modern coolness. The graphics are like a mix of retro style and the latest designs. It keeps the old-school charm but adds a fresh and exciting look.

Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK unlimited money

Here’s another cool thing: you can team up with two friends to play together. Collaborative gaming is a big hit nowadays, and Metal Slug: Awakening joins the party. You and your buddies can plan, fight together, and celebrate victories as a team. It’s like recreating the awesome moments of playing in an arcade with your pals.

But wait, there’s more! The game has something called “roguelike gameplay.” What’s that? Well, it means that every time you play, the levels change. You never know what’s coming next. It’s like a surprise every time you dive in.

This twist keeps even the most experienced Metal Slug players in suspense. So, get ready for some thrilling adventures as you explore and face the unexpected in this amazing game!

What Weapons and Vehicles are Available in The Game?

In Metal Slug: Awakening, you get to play with some awesome stuff to help you beat the game’s tough parts:

Super Weapons

Flame-Shot Gun: This gun shoots fire at opponents and obstructions to destroy them.

Blizzard Gun: This gun freezes enemies, which makes them easy to beat or break into pieces.

Smashing Boxing Gun: Shoot boxing gloves for close combat.

H, L, I Gun Series: These are classic guns, and each has its own way of shooting.

Advanced Weapons: These are super powerful guns like missiles that follow enemies and lasers.

Vehicles Collection

Sky-Rides: These are flying vehicles with powerful guns to shoot from the sky.

Tanks: Big tanks that roll on the ground with big cannons and machine guns.

SV-Camels: These vehicles can dig underground to surprise the enemies.

Super Vehicles: These are special vehicles that have lots of firepower and can move fast.

Classic Vehicles: These are old favorites from the older Metal Slug games that you might remember.

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Exciting Hidden Surprises in the Latest Metal Slug Awakening APK MOD

Metal Slug MOD APK

The newest version of Metal Slug Awakening Apk Mod (unlimited money) is packed with exciting surprises hidden away for you to find. There are cool secrets waiting to be uncovered as you play through the game. For instance, if you manage to rescue the famous character Hyakutaro, you’ll be rewarded with some mysterious gifts and shiny coins.

The game really encourages you to look around and hunt for these hidden treasures. With the Metal Slug Awakening MOD Version, you can even unlock brand-new levels filled with super-strong weapons that you won’t find in the regular version. This means you’ll get to enjoy a gaming adventure like no other as you dig into all the awesome secrets this version has to offer.

Useful Features of Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK Unlocked All

Metal Slug Awakening MOD download

Metal Slug: Awakening is a fun and exciting game with many useful features. Players can use creative mechanics like smashing big rocks and creating roadblocks to make the game more interesting. They can also use weapons to cross tricky terrain, which makes their firepower an effective tool. The game also recreates nostalgic vibes by bringing back old favorites like Fat Marco and mysterious mummies. Players can explore the world through all sorts of places, from the dry Desert Mine to the hidden Secret Lab. The game also features game-changing super vehicles, customization and weapons, hidden treats and surprises, and stunning graphics and sounds.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of each feature:

  • Creative Mechanics: Players can use creative mechanics to interact with the environment and solve puzzles. For example, they can smash big rocks to create new paths or create roadblocks to slow down enemies.
  • Weapons for Terrain Crossing: Players can use their weapons to cross tricky terrain. For example, they can use the flame shot to melt ice or the blizzard to create a path through snow.
  • Recreating Nostalgic Vibes: The game features old favorites from the Metal Slug series, such as Fat Marco and mysterious mummies. This brings back the good old days for fans of the series and makes the game more appealing to new players.
  • Explore the World: Players can explore a variety of different locations, each with its own unique challenges and rewards.
  • Game-Changing Super Vehicles: Players can use a variety of super vehicles to gain an advantage in battle. These vehicles have special abilities that can help players overcome difficult obstacles or defeat powerful enemies.
  • Customization and Weapons: Players can customize their character and weapons to create a unique playstyle. This allows players to find the perfect combination of weapons and abilities to suit their needs.
  • Hidden Treats and Surprises: There are hidden goodies scattered throughout the game world. Players can find these by exploring every corner of the map.
  • Stunning Graphics and Sounds: The game features stunning 3D graphics and catchy sound effects that make the game more immersive and exciting.

Download Requirements and Additional Info 

Before you grab Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK, here’s what you need to know:

The game is quite big, around 1.3 GB, so make sure you have enough space on your phone. It also needs a good amount of RAM to run smoothly.

You can play it on Android devices with version 4.4 or newer. That’s great news because even if you have an older Android phone, you can still join in on the fun, as long as you’ve got enough space.

How to Download and Install Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK

The Download and installation process of Metal Slug Awakening MOD APK is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Find the download button below and click on it.
  2. After successful download, go to the download folder of your browser.
  3. Click on the MOD APK file.
  4. You will be asked to allow “installation from unknown sources”.
  5. Follow the instructions and allow it on the settings page.
  6. Now come back to the previous page and click install.
  7. Your file will be installed now.
  8. You can run the Metal Slug Mod APK.

If you are facing any issue installing the APK file then please follow our MOD APK installation guide.

Download Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK v1.1.0

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK?

A1. Metal Slug Mod APK is an action-packed shooting game developed by VNGGames International, offering classic run-and-gun gameplay with modern graphics and features.

Q2. Why does Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK stand out from other games?

A2. Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK combines the classic charm of the legendary arcade game with modern graphics and gameplay. It also offers collaborative gaming, roguelike gameplay, and a blend of old-school and contemporary aesthetics.

Q3. What weapons and vehicles are available in Metal Slug: Awakening?

A3. Metal Slug: Awakening features a variety of weapons, including Flame-Shot Gun, Blizzard Gun, Smashing Boxing Gun, H, L, I Gun Series, and Advanced Weapons. It also offers different vehicles like Sky-Rides, Tanks, SV-Camels, Super Vehicles, and Classic Vehicles.

Q4. Are there any hidden surprises in the Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK?

A4. Yes, the game includes hidden surprises, such as rewards for rescuing characters like Hyakutaro and new levels with unique weapons. Exploring the game world can reveal these exciting secrets.

Q5. What are the key features of Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK Unlocked All?

A5. The key features of Metal Slug Awakening Mod APK Unlocked All include creative mechanics for environmental interaction, weapons for terrain crossing, nostalgic character appearances, diverse world exploration, game-changing super vehicles, character customization, hidden treasures, and stunning 3D graphics with immersive sound effects.

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