Trade Cards in Crazy Fox Big Win

In Crazy Fox Big Win, there are two ways to swap or trade cards with other players. These methods are called Card Collection and Ask Card in Club.

Let me explain each of these methods so you can understand them better.

Card Collection is a feature in Crazy Fox that lets players trade cards with each other using the in-game interface.

It’s a simple and easy way to exchange cards, and it’s great for players who want to complete their card sets quickly.

On the other hand, Ask Card in Club is another method of trading cards, but it’s slightly different. Instead of using the in-game interface, players must join a Club and ask other members for the necessary cards.

It’s a bit social way to trade cards, and it can be a lot of fun to interact with other players in this way.

Lastly, there’s the Golden Card trade. This is a special feature in Crazy Fox that lets players trade their rarest and most valuable cards with each other.

It’s a great way to get the cards you need to complete your collection, but it could be riskier since you’re trading your most valuable cards.

How to Trade or Exchange Cards in Crazy Fox?

Trading or exchanging cards with other players is necessary for the Crazy Fox game. In this process, You can either send a card to another player or request a card from them.

There are two primary methods of exchanging or trading cards in Crazy Fox – the Card Collection and Ask Card in Club features.

Card Collection

The Card Collection feature in Crazy Fox comprises a set of 12 cards that are available in the Card Album.

You have to click on the missing card if you want to exchange a card using this feature, and also you can send a duplicate card by clicking the “existing extra card” button.

However, remember that you can only send a card to a friend who is also playing the game, and only additional cards are available to you.

Ask Card in Club

Ask Card in Club is another way to trade or exchange cards in Crazy Fox. This feature allows players an opportunity to request missing cards from other club members or even you can send duplicate cards.

When you need a card, just tap on the “Ask card” option on your screen and select the desired card. Once you’ve made your request, other club members can send you the requested cards by accepting your card request.

Additionally, Other club members can request your cards, and you can send duplicate cards to them if you have them.

Overall, whether you choose to use the Card Collection or Ask Card in Club feature, both methods offer an exciting and engaging way to trade and exchange cards with other players in Crazy Fox.

Golden Cards Exchange Event: Trade Crazy Fox Golden Cards with Friends

Golden cards from Crazy Fox cannot be exchanged or traded like regular cards. However, there is a way to trade these special cards with your friends. The Crazy Fox Golden Cards Exchange event is the place where you can trade these unique cards.

But there’s a catch, the golden cards that are eligible for trading are only specific ones, and the trading event is only for a limited time. You cannot trade any golden card you have during this event, only the specified ones.

If you have golden cards that are not eligible for trading during the current event, don’t worry. You must wait for the next event, where different golden cards will be available for trading.

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