Among Us Roles Tier List: All 7 Roles Explained

Among Us is a popular game that allows players to choose their own unique roles. These roles serve as a central mechanic in the game and add an extra layer of excitement and challenge. There are seven different roles available in Among Us: Guardian Angel, Shapeshifter, Crewmate, Scientist, Impostor, Engineer, and Ghost.

Each role in Among Us is unique, with its own set of skills, abilities, and mechanics. The Crewmate, for example, is tasked with completing various tasks around the ship and trying to identify the Impostor. On the other hand, the Impostor’s goal is to sabotage the crew’s efforts and blend in undetected. That is why we have made Among Us roles tier list.

Among Us roles tier list and abilities

The ranking of roles in Among Us can vary based on personal preference and playing style, but here’s a general tier list that takes into consideration the abilities and strengths of each role:

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A tier: Guardian Angel

Being a Guardian Angel is like having a secret superpower. But there’s a catch: you have to be dead to use it. That’s right, once you’ve passed on, you become a ghost with the ability to protect your crewmates. You can create a forcefield around them to keep the Imposters from hurting them. But don’t get too excited – you still can’t talk during meetings and have to play just like everyone else while you’re alive.

B tier: Scientist

The Scientist role offers a thrilling twist to the game. You have the power to check the health status of all players, allowing you to determine who is alive and who has been eliminated. But be warned; this power comes with a catch – you need to charge your battery by completing various tasks.

Being a Scientist requires strategy and caution. Observe the players’ movements and try to keep track of who is together. Then, when the moment is right, check the health status to see if anyone has fallen. By connecting the dots, you may be able to uncover the identity of the Imposter among the crew.

C tier: Impostor

In the game mode called Hide n Seek, there’s a sneaky character called the Impostor. Their job is to knock out all the Crewmates before time runs out. They can’t use secret vents to hide, and they don’t get to dress up like the Crewmates. However, if they have a hat, they’ll put it on before the start of the game when they get ready to hide.

D tier: Crewmate

The main aim for Crewmates is to finish all their tasks without getting caught by the sneaky Impostors. The secondary goal is to catch all the Impostors and throw them off the spaceship. If a Crewmate gets caught by the Impostor or gets thrown off, they turn into a ghost.

Crewmates have a secret weapon. They can press the report button to gather everyone together for an emergency meeting to figure out who the Impostor is. The Impostors also have this power. The report button is located to the left of the use button.

F tier: Ghost

Ghosts are special characters in the game who can move through walls and are invisible to everyone except other ghosts. They have the ability to see everything, even through walls and in dark rooms, and they can move faster than other players. Although they can’t help with sabotage or emergencies, they can still communicate with each other using the in-game chat.

Ghost Crewmates can still finish their job, but their progress won’t be visually noticeable. When it is time to vote, a crack will appear on the screen, indicating that ghosts cannot participate.

Once everyone, even the ghost Crewmates, has done their jobs, the game is over, and a Crewmate has won.

S tier: Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter is a game-changing role for the Imposters. It’s the newest addition to their team, and it’s packed with potential. Basically, the Shapeshifter has the power to disguise themselves as any crew member for a short time. But be careful! If someone is watching, it’s obvious when you shift.

The Shapeshifter raises the bar for Imposters. With their special ability, Shift, you can pretend to be any crewmate who’s still alive. Just remember, the act of shifting is a big giveaway and can leave behind evidence, so use it wisely. When you’re disguised, you look and act just like the person you chose, making it the perfect disguise.

S tier: Engineer

The Engineer is the first of the new crew member roles in Among Us. It’s like having a secret power, but it also has a risk. Before, if someone used the vents to move around the map, it was a sure sign they were the Imposter. But now, as an Engineer, you can also use the vents just like the Imposter.

The vents can be helpful in completing tasks quickly, but be careful! If you use them too much, other players might think you’re an imposter. If there’s more than one Imposter in the game, they’ll know each other, so if an Imposter sees you using the vents, you might become their target. So, If you’re feeling daring, you can attempt to use the vents to catch the Imposter, but you risk being caught yourself.


In the end, Among Us lets players choose from seven different and interesting roles, each with its own strengths, skills, and challenges. The tier list presented in this article highlights the standout roles in the game, such as the Guardian Angel and Shapeshifter, as well as those that require more strategy, such as the Engineer and Scientist.

Whether playing as a Crewmate, Impostor, or one of the other roles, each role brings a unique aspect to the game and adds to the overall experience. Whether you prefer to be a sneaky saboteur, a strategic observer, or a helpful protector, there is a role for everyone in Among Us.

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